Play-testing Medium Fidelity Prototype with Users

At this stage we had begun building a medium fidelity prototype of our game to test out the whether certain features were technically achievable given our short time frame. We met with a two different set of users  and had them play the game with minimal help from us. 

At the end of the session we asked players for their suggestions on how they would like to see their issues with the current game addressed. One way we discussed possible changes with users was by using a quick and dirty prototype to illustrate how we could use camera movements to make help make the messaging of the game clearer.

User using a pen and plastic frogs to mimic spots on the board and the camera

At the end of session we conducted an informal interview. Here’s a summary of some key points:

  • For the candy game the candy was able to be collected from the side of the jar which didn’t make much sense
  • Players wanted to have even more interaction with the other player and be able to bump into another person
  • Players just mashed buttons when they weren’t sure what to press at this point we did not have game hint text
  • Both players could not win in the burger game and were frustrated that no one was a winner
  • Players were completely unaware they were at the wharf until explicitly told so
  • Players found that only have the x button to move was not engaging enough
  • Players were unsure how what candy they were collecting

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